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Customer gratification is an integral part of the CIB culture, and we appreciate our clients bringing their concerns to our attention. By doing so, will not only allow us to eradicate defective service delivery, but most importantly to enhance the service excellence that we at CIB aspire to bring to you as a valued customer.

We will use your feedback to inspire our fellow colleagues to kindle a culture of reliability, being driven, caring and having a positive attitude within CIB. Your message will also be directed to the responsible manager of the person or department that you are writing to us about.

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(Advice did not take adequate account of customer needs/factually incorrect/misleading; Advisor lacking in skill/knowledge, experience/integrity; Conflict of interest; Advice not provided at an appropriate time or when required.)

(Product/service limitations are not in line with customer expectations; Policy cancellations; Policy amendments)

(Service: Information technology support; Service: Breach of privacy / confidentiality; Service: delay in refund payment; Service: lack of feedback; Service: rudeness/incompetence/non-responsiveness of staff; CIB supplier feedback/ turnaround times; CIB supplier quality: product/service)

(Delays; Poor communication; Cumbersome / inaccessible processes; Failure to inform complainant/s of their rights and dispute process)

(Claim dispute - average applied; Claim dispute - car hire; Claim dispute - replacement vs repair vs payment; Claim dispute - towing/storage/release fees; Claim quantum dispute; Claim rejection)

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Complaints Resolution Policy

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